How to write a article?



Thank you for cooperating with us.

In this article, I will explain how to write a article so please read these and use it as tips for you.

This will be a big challenge and nobody ever tried it.

So let us be a trend leader!


What is our goals?

More views(visiters) to this website so that we get more students from Japan.

if we post many contents on website, we will get more chances to reach potential customers.

More chances for Filipino people

this is also one my goals in order for some of you to get job offer or any offer from Japanese through website.

More update information about Cebu also about the Philippines

Most Japanese agents write about information that people already knew and nothing new at all.


How to get started?

It is very simple!

①  Send your imformation to my FB

Tell me your email address and your profile picture and your profile(where you are from, what you do, what is your motto)


Tell us what you will write

Let me know title before you start writing since it could be duplicated.


Start writing

Write more than 500 words (contact me if it is less than that)

please add Title and at least 3 table of contents to make ppl read easily.


Send article to my FB account(Shigeru Tamura)

Send us your article and photos related to.

Attach more than 3 photos (objects and picture of you or some friends might get more attention)

※word or direct messages


What topics?  

You can choose any topics as long as it is related to the Philippines

・teacher's life at ESL school.

・We went to Jollibie!

・Crime in Cebu city

・Maravillosa Park

・Taoist temple

・Difference between Japanese and Korean from POV of Philipinos

・Fashion trand in the Philippines



・Your favorite local restaurant



More importantly please imagine what article might be interested by Japanese.

Any topic you want to share with ppl would be fine tho.



  • Title

Maribago Blue Water


  • Overview

Maribago Blue water is one of greatest private resort in Cebu.

They are bars and restaurants so you also can enjoy meals~



  • Address

(If you know address, please add here,but if you don't know , I will check it so leave it please. )


  •  How to go there

By taxi : 500 pesos from IT park(or any landmark)

By bus:200 pesos from IT park(or any landmark)


  • Price

(If you know Price, please add here,but if you don't know , I will check it so leave it please. )


  • Own experience or any advices

I visited last year with my friends and we really enjoyed private beach.

We really enjoyed foods and drinks there..etc


  • Pictures

(more than 3 pictures)


  • URL of website

(If you know company or shop website, please add here,but if you don't know , I will check it so leave it please. )




more than 500 words... 200 pesos

more than 600 words... 250 pesos

more than 700 words.. 300 pesos

if you could write more than 700 words (Top 10 Resort in cebu or Ranking something like that)

We will pay more than 300 pesos depends on quality of your article.

We can talk about it.


How we remit money to you

・Paypal ... we pay for each 1 article.

・GCASH REMIT ... we pay for each 2 articles.

※GCASH REMIT costs us around 200 pesos each transaction so.



Hope you would enjoy writing and share your country!